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Tile Replacement and Roof Services | Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

Tile Replacement - We carefully inspect your roof for cracked or broken tiles and replace or repair only what needs to be done.
Rust Defence - We replace any rusted roof fittings and re-tension the roof. We also rust convert any areas of surface rust.


High Pressure Cleaning - With High Pressure Cleaning we can easily get rif of dirt, algae and moss that has accumulated over time and therefore prepare the surface for painting.


Repointing / Rebedding (If Necessary) - We use a flexible pointing and rebed the ridgecaps if necessary.


3 Step Application Process
- We have a 3 step application process for truly professional results:

  1. A primer coat is applied to the surface 
  2. Top coat is applied
  3. Finally, a second top coat is applied for the perfect finish


Colour Choices - We have a comprehensive range of colours to choose to give your roof that special look. We use DULUX ROOF COATINGS to give a superior finish to your roof.
Gutter Guards - We also carry a full range of gutter guards. For more info see: